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December 14th, 2005

02:37 am
Wow, it's been over a year since I've updated this thing.
Well well well, a LOT has changed over the past year.
Since I'm really bored I'm going to type most of the things that have happened, well, the things I can remember anyways. It's been a crazy year!
Josh and I broke up last November, I wasn't exactly heartbroken, I got over it pretty fast. Faster than I thought I would when he said he wanted to go back to his ex girlfriend. What a jerk, right? Nah, just a pansy.lol
I finally got a job at T.J.Maxx in January, I didn't like working there 'cause I'm really lazy and it just got in the way of everything else I wanted to do. Hah. It's true. I'm lazy as all get out. I like to have fun, not work with old grumpy people all day. *shrug*
Well, after two months of that mess I had had enough, so I quit and became unemployed.. I haven't had a job since come to think of it.
Then I partied a lot, hung out with friends on the weekends like every other normal person does when they have nothing to do. Being that I was single from November to Febuary I dated a couple of people in that time period but I wasn't serious with anybody because they just didn't keep me interested. I thought I was doing good just dating, going out, meeting new people then I wound up meeting Craig. Whom I had known for a year before I met him. He was friends with my ex fiance, don't worry..they weren't like best friends or anything. But how crazy is it that Craig was there at the hospital the night I had Andrew, two years ago! Actually, him and his wife both were there. Well, come to find out him and his wife got divorced the same time Billy and I broke up. Well, we started dating, nothing too serious then I freakin' fell in love! lol He is what I have always wanted in a man, I just couldn't pass it up. We started spending more and more time together, in August we moved in together, which..I was practically living with him before that, I was at his house every night. His house was my second home. Anyways, we partied a lot when we first got together, we had a lot of fun, tons of memories...all good of course. Except for the few memories about his ex girlfriends that I want to kill.
Not his ex wife though, I've known her just as long as I've known Craig, I don't know her that well, but we've never fought, I have respect for her, she's done nothing to me for me to not like her. His ex girlfriends that he dated after they divorced though, that's a different story. They eventually stopped calling when I started answering his cell phone. lol
I think it's because girls like hot barteders? He attracted many manyyyy girls. When we got serious it was around May, I guess, 'cause that's when we both said "I love you". We decided in August to move to Alaska to be closer to my dad. It was a long, exhausting drive from Arkansas to Alaska.
Usually people see animals all along the way in Canada and driving into Alaska, we didn't see shit. Not one damn animal. I saw a crow that I took a picture of at the Canadian border in Washington. He was really cute, he just walked around looking at all of the cars. lol We didn't really see any animals until about a week or two after we got to Alaska. We saw a couple of moose in our back yard, since that day we've seen a ton of animals all over the place. We've been here for four months and I'm tired of it. I can't stand it here. It's the 13th of December, we're leaving on the 15th, just two more days and I'll be on my way back home! I'm now four months pregnant, we're not sure yet what the sex of the baby is, we'll find out when we get to Arkansas and I get to my doctor's office.
We decided to move to Little Rock this time instead of Fayetteville 'cause he already has a job lined up for him when he gets back. He wants to be closer to his mom and my mom is only 3 hours away, so I didn't care about moving there. We'll be together a year in Febuary, we'll eventually get married, whenever we both decide it's time to. Right now all I do is sleep, eat and fall asleep in the bathtub. lol Every time I take a bath I fall asleep, I stay in there for hours sleeping. 'Til someone comes in and wakes me up, usually Craig checks on me after around 30 mins of me being in there so that I don't drown. Well, my son is now two years old, he's growing like a weed. He's the most adorable child I've ever seen, of course he's mine. ;o)Well, I guess that's about all that's happened so far. I'll update later when I'm not sleepy. Night!
Current Mood: coldcold

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November 30th, 2004

08:11 pm - Hmm..
Yay, Ash-Ho! Here, I'll update this thing so you'll have something to read. :) I'll start off by talking about last night. lol How you gonna try to piss people off and call her a dumb cunt. Heheh. =oD
Too bad she's too ignorant to understand it was directed towards her. :D
Anyways, SO..my ex boyfriend (Billy) gets WASTED and starts feeling sorry for himself, so of course, being the SWEET person I am..heh..I go over to his house and talk to him for 3 hours. He starts talking about how he wants me back and how life would be so much better for him if I would come back home with our son. WELL, being that I've moved on, I can't do that. No matter how easy it would be to give in and go back to something that was so comfortable, it's just not meant to be. Hopefully he'll eventually get over what happened and he'll find someone else to make him happy. =) I wish the best for him. <3 Okay, now..about Josh..*Looks at Ash* Calm down Sweetie and don't beat my ass. lol
We broke up for like the third time about two weeks ago, but we still talk, still hang out, and of that good stuff. Well, today I talked to him on the phone and he said that he was thinking about dating his ex girlfriend again, I told him to just go ahead and do it, because he'll be happy with her. :) Anyways..I'm going to finish talking to Ash-Ho and David then watch Simon Birtch. Since Chris told me earlier that he watched it and yeah..I have to watch it now. :D Byeeeeee! <3 -Mallory.
Current Mood: energeticenergetic
Current Music: "In another's eyes" By Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks. <3

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October 6th, 2004

09:15 pm
Whoa, it's been about 5 months since I've updated this thing.
Well, as most of the people that read this know, Billy and I broke up. It's a really long story but not as complicated as it sounds. Things changed, so I moved on. Well, for the past almost 4 months I've been dating a "country boy" named Josh, he'll be 23 on October 20th. He's an amazing person which is why I don't know why he puts up with my shit. =oD
Hm, I had a job but working with friends really isn't a good idea, especially if that friend is your manager and fucks you over with your money. Now I work at a state park on the weekends. :)There really hasn't been too much going on with me. I talk to most of you guys on a daily basis, so yeah, no need to write it all in this thing. :D I'm gonna play with my kiddo. Bye! -MaL*
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: Talking to the mirror.

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June 8th, 2004

11:52 pm - Well well well..
This coming weekend is going to be fun. =oD
There was something I was going to write about, but now I can't think of what it was. =/ Well, I can add a few more people to our "kill" list, Malbutt. This person is really starting to irritate me. It's a male, so yeah, I'm not talking about any of you that read this..and no, it's not Billy. lol He's actually starting to make an effort to change. Which is really good, because I don't think I could ever live without him. <3 Well, I could, but it'd be Hell not having him around. ;[ So..we were driving around tonight trying to find somewhere to eat, and we got into the whole "religion" discussion. He was saying that I'm losing my faith and all of my beliefs. Which isn't true, I still believe in everything I ever have believed in. I think the reason he thinks that is because we don't spend as much time together as we used to, we used to be inseparable. Now, it's different because he works all the time and there is so much stress and frustration because he's never home. Anyways, I'm getting lagged up by ten million IM's, so I'll finish this later. -Mally.
Current Mood: excitedexcited

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June 7th, 2004

12:37 pm - WEEE long suvey! =)
1. What time is it: 10:52 pm.
2. Real Name: Mallory Leigh M-s-r-v-e. =o)
3. Nick names: MaLL, MaL, MaLLy, Malaria, Bitch, MaL-MaL, Baby, and so many more..
4. Where do you live: A town full of mexicans that cannot speach a word of English, little whores that run around giving people STD's, where we have more chickens than the whole population of Arkansas, a place where all of the people I know and dislike can all FUCKING DIE! ;oD
5. Do u like it there: Oh I just love it..actually it isn't that bad. Not as bad as a few other places around here.
6. Your b-day and sign: May 27th, 1985. Gemini. <3 Yay for us, huh Ash? =)
7. Eye color: Dark blue and it fades into light blue around my pupil. Yes, very pretty. Heh.
8. Hair color: Brown with a few blonde high-lights.
9. what are u wearing: A white tank top, a white bra, black panties that say "America's Most Wanted", and white boxer shorts that have smiley faces all over them. =)
10. Any future goals and aspirations: Yes, as a matter of fact..my goal is to kick my aunt Sandi's ass for not showing up at my house today like she said she would, so for making me wait on her all day..she gets an ass whooping. Heh. ;D

11. Pets: Lucky (My dog), Fival (My cocksucking finger biting hamster)
12. Any belly button lint: *checks* Nope.
13. Tattoos: Not at this moment..but eventually I'm going to get a yellow star on my lower stomach? *Shrug*
14. Piercing: I just have my ears pierced right now, I used to have my navel pierced also, but I had to take it out when I was 2 months pregnant.
15. Toe jam: No..and I hate feet. Gross.
16. Bf/Gf: Hm, yes..more like a pain in my ass as of right now, but if boyfriend/fiancee' is what you want to call that, then go right ahead. I'll just stick with asshole for now. =)
17. Car: Yep, I have one.
18. Food with you: There are two Coke bottles and a box of donut holes on my desk. *Points*
19. Siblings: Yes, 3 sisters and 3 brothers.
20. Sex toys: Hah..I don't know about toys, but I do <3 porn. =)
21. Childrens toys: My son has alot of toys. ;D
22. Hideous warts that resemble Bob Barker: No..isn't Bob Barker the guy off of Happy Gilmore? lol ;/
23. Any crushes: No, fuck other guys. =o)

24. Like surveys: When I'm so bored that I absolutely cannot find anything else to do, I'd be sleeping right now..but I won't go into the reason why I'm not. =)
25. Conform: No, I'm weird..I'm everything, nothing in specific, no labels. =) Well, nevermind, just go ahead and call me bitch, that will work just fine.
26. Sleep with stuffed animals: No, I sleep with my fiancee', most of the time..and my son, every night. ;oD
27. Scream often: Lol, I did last night and it wasn't good.
28. Talk to inanimate objects: Yes..because I'm psycho. *Twitches* ;oX
29. Know what RHPS stands for: Know what BIKY stands for? *Sings an Eminem song* Bitch I'ma kill you. =oD
30. Like sleep: OH yes. <3
31. Pick your nose: *Gags* Because I'm trying to eat here. ;o/
32. Pick your friend's noses: BAH!
33. Like porno: YEP! I downloaded alot of porn today! Heh. =)
34. Hate the olson twins: No, I have no reason to hate them. *Shrug*
35. Eaten plastic: I chew on plastic, like pens, bottle caps, straws..yeah.. =/
36. Had sex with the same sex: Nope. I don't lick twat.
37. Had sex with the opposite sex: Yes, I do..almost every night, I did a few hours ago. :oD
38. Had sex with inanimate objects: LOL, I don't own dildos/vibrators.
39. Regretted saying something: Yes. But oh well.
40. Been in love: Yes.
41. Chewed on a pen so long that ink leaked in your mouth: Yes.
42. Skinny-dipped: Yep.
43. Prostituted yourself: Yes, 'cause I'm a whore. *Puffs out my chest and prances around*
44. Played a musical instrument: I've attempted to play the guitar, I really don't care for it though.
45. Called some one a nazi: No..I call people fuckers. 'Cause that's just my favorite word. Heh.
46. Mooned anyone: Uhm, yes. lol
47. Dressed in drag: Well..let me see her, isn't "drag" women's clothing, so I dress in drag every day?
48. Passed out: Passed out from what? Heat? Getting high? Getting drunk? 'Cause if so..the answer is yes to two of those. =)
49. Wrecked a car: Not yet..thankfully..
50. Gotten into a fight: Yes, physically..a few times when I was younger, but I've changed, I don't bully people around as much. lol Can you imagine..me..little ol' me..telling people what to do.
51. Visited a porn site: Yep! Mike told me to go to TheHun.Net! lol
52. Had cyber sex: "*hugs you*" is about as much cybering I do.
53. Questioned your religious beliefs: Ehhhh...sure I do, but there has to be something/someone bigger than any God awful thing down here on this shitty ass planet that we call Earth.
54. Played with treasure trolls: When I was like 8? I had a baby one with green hair. He was the shit.
55. Seen a faerie: Are you serious? That's like asking me if I talked to God today. In wich case..I didn't, not personally anyways, I do pray though. =oD But to answer your question, no..I don't believe in faeires.
57. Coated your entire body in jello: No. Smoked cock lately?

58. Beverage: Coke, Vinalla Coke, and Strawberry Coke. <3
59. Food: OH, I <3 food! I like almost everything but sushi and twat. lol
60. Candy: Anything but chocolate.
61. Shoe: My 4 inch black boots that Billy bought me. <333 *Drools* Sexy!
62. Car: I WILL one day have myself a Hummer. Someone has already promised me that. =oD
63. Deodorant: Uhm, I don't know the name of it, but it's a light green color. Smells good. :)
64. Newspaper: The Arkansas Democrat Gazette.
65. Comic: ROFL, Chris Rock. <3 Platonic friend. ;oX *Laughs at Mike*
66. Infomercial: *Shrug* They call can die.
67. Animal: I love my Lucky. <3
68. Flower: Pink roses.
69. Band: 112, Jack Off Jill....and ect..
70. CD: The last CD I bought was..hell I can't even remember, I don't ever buy CD's anymore, I just dl my shit.
72. Videogame: SUPER MARIO BROTHERS! I fucking LOVE that game! Nintendo. <3
73. Color: (s) Black, pink, purple, silver, green, white, and uhm..red..yeah..I think that's all of 'em.
74. Flavor of ice cream: Pft, I don't know. Too many to choose from.
75. Movie: The Crow, Simon Birtch, The Goonies, Friday..and ect..'cause I can't think of anymore right now.
76. Cartoon: Scooby Doo, and the Rugrats. OH! and NEMO! <3
77. Phrase or saying: "Fucker", "I love you too", "Mmmhmm"..
78. Month: October. <3 I love the fall.
79. Activity: Taking a bath. =oD
80. Place to be: In my bed asleep. =)
81. Weather: Rain. <3
82. Body part: One which sex? Girl-Eyes, Guys-..well, MY guy..his stuff and hands. hehe
83. Book: The Da Vinci Code. :D
84. Vegetable: Corn.
85. piece of jewelry: My engagement rings. <3
86. Thing to watch people do: Porn. ;oD
87. Website: *Yawn* I'm getting sleepy.. =/
88. Radio station: 104.9 "THE X!"
89. Store: Wet Seal. <3
90. Play/musical: FUCK OFF, shit..all these questions you be axin'! Sorry, I'm on this ghetto trip tonight. Maybe it's because I'm frustrated and I'm trying not to think about it. *Shrug*
91. Thing about you: My..confidence..wait..no, I'm not very good at being confident, so uhm..let's see here..my attitude is really bad..lol, so my hair? Will that work?

92. Innie or outie: In! ;o)
93. Crotons or bacon bits: Niether.
94. Rain or sun: Rain when I'm inside with nothing to do, but the sun better be shining when I have shit to do.
95. Sandals or shoes: Sandals or boots. <3
96. Tank tops or t shirts: Tank tops.
97. Platforms or high heels: Uhm..flip-flops. lol
98. Sex: public or private: WELL, private..unless you're Cyndi..in which case "I'VE got TITTIES". ;oX MUAHAHAH
99. Reality or illusion: Just shut up, shit..

101. Cats or dogs: Dogs.
102. Fish or ferrets: I want a ferret.
103. Prom or morp: Morph? Mighty Morphing Power Rangers! WEEE!
104. Lust or love: Love.
105. Drama queen or apathetic: Apathetic. =oD

106. Take a shower: I'd rather take a bath.
107. Brush your teeth: Yes, I'm a firm believer in brushing yo' stanky mouf. Hehe.
108. Eat dog food: Eh, no.
109. File your nails: Yes.
110. Clip your toe nails: Yes, I'd get a pedicure if it wasn't for my lack of trust in people with tools, and not to mention I hate people touching my feet.
111. Masturbate: No..just no, that's what I have Billy for. ;oP
112. Read: When I'm bored or just feel like getting away from everybody.
113. Commit hell worthy sins: Oh yes, every day. It seems like there isn't a minute that goes by that I'm not doing something that's getting me a one way ticket to Hell.
114. Commit acts of kindness: Well yes. I can be sweet. =)
115. Tell people you love them: Yes. <3
116. Eat celery: Yep, with peanut butter. ;]
117. Wear a hat: Yes, I have a pink and white hat that says "Baby Girl" on it. <3
118. Dance: I can't dance..
119. Sing: All the time.
120. Purposely vomit: No, I'm not one to stick objects in my mouth to make myself gag.

121. Embarrassed youve ever been: *Shrug*
122. Scared youve ever been: Uhm..hell I don't know.
123. Happiest you've ever been: When my son was born. <3
124. Saddest you've ever been: Bah, arguments.
125. Craziest you've ever been: I'm crazy 24/7. =)
126. Stupidest you've ever been: That goes along with crazy.

127. Licks does it take you to get to the center of a tootsie pop: Too many, my tongue will start bleeding. =/
128. Times have you failed written exams: Don't know.
129. Shots of whiskey would it take to get you drunk: I don't be likin' Whiskey.
130. Gallons of water do you waste a day: Wtf, you going to call the water company on me? Oh wait..I have well water, so fuck you. Hehe. =o)
131. Cows had to die to feed you: Well, considering I don't eat hamburger meat, and I haven't since I was a month pregnant with Andrew..not many have been eaten by me lately.
132. Babies will you plague the world with: Just one. ;oD
133. Push ups and sit ups can you do before vomiting: *Slaps you*
134. Hours of TV do you watch a week: Not alot..maybe like 4 all week..
135. Hours a week do u spend on the computer: WAY too many.
136. Nipples do u REALLY have: Uhm..69?
137. Times have you had sex: I have NO idea.
138. Sex partners have you had: I can count them on one hand..so I'm doing pretty good.
139. People have you pissed off your entire life: ROFL, too many, and I'm not about to stop just yet.

140. Gone without a shower: I take a shower/bath every day.
141. Sat and watched TV: Don't know.
142. Slept: Hmm..I know it's been close to 17 hours..maybe even longer, Ashlee and I used to sleep all fucking day.
143. Had sex: lol..uhm..I'd have to ask Billy but I'm thinking it was like 2-3 hours?
144. Masturbated: No, just no.
145. Walked: 2 miles. lol
146. Ran: No clue.
147. Ate: Hell, I can eat all day.
148. Sat around staring, with nothing else to do : No, I don't just sit and stare at things. lol Other than the computer, and I don't just stare at it, I'm usually fucking with something while playing on the computer, like CD's, food, magazines, the tv...ect..

149. How many best friends do you have: Uhm..4-5?
150. Who knows the most about you: Billy does. *Nods*
151. Who hangs out with you the most: Billy, or Katie.
152. Who is the goofiest: Dunno.
153. The smartest: Brian.
154. The wittiest: Patrick. lol
155. Most courageous: My cousin Chris. =)
156. Most obsessed with something: Me, I'm addicted to porn. Help. ;/ lol
157. Easily fascinated: Me. =/ I'm so easily amused.
158. Funniest when they are drunk: Michelle. ;oX
159. Sexiest: Me, I'm fucking sexy, biatch. hehe
160. Most talkative: Billy, or my aunt Sandi, neither one of them ever shut up.
161. Most popular: Adam.
162. Most feminine: *Shrug* Probably my aunt Sandi. heh
163. Most masculine: *Shrug* Billy I guess.
164. Best to walk and talk with: Billy.
165. Who do you miss the most at the moment: My dad and my brother.

166. Porcupines are the only other animals besides humans that
masturbate: Oh really now..then I wonder what that little fucker squirrel outside my window was doing with those nuts? ;oX
167. Dolphins are the only other mammals that have sex for pleasure?: Smart creatures, I wonder if there is like a pimp dolphin..you know, swimming around just knocking the little whore dolphins up, and just leaving, not paying any child support or anything...lol..
168. Heinz 57 was a number chosen from an elevator panel: Hmm...where'd they get A1 from? 'Cause I don't give a shit about Heinz 57..A1 is the shiznit! Heheh :D I eat/drink that stuff straight from the bottle.

169. Best eye color: Brown or green.
170. Tall or short: Either.
171. Skinny or built: Skinny, I don't like alot of muscle or fat. =/
172. Pale or tan: Tan. <3
173. Hairy or smooth: Smooth.
174. Big or dainty hands: Doesn't matter
175. Best conversation subject: Sex. lol
176. Religion: Baptist. =/
177. Outgoing or not: Outgoing.
178. Hair color: Brown or black.
179. Athletic, artsy, or intelligent: Intelligent.
180. Describe a brief statement of your perfect mate: One that will put up with my shit. lol I think that's pretty damn good if he can keep up with me, and he has to give me space. =o)

181. Does god exist: I don't know, does he? Guess I'll find out when I croak, huh? But I hope he does, 'cause I know there has to be a better place than where we're at now.
182. Does life have a divine purpose: Who knows. What would be a divine purpose? Enlighten me...
183. How strongly is society based on looks: So much that it's way over board, many of you cock suckers need help. =)
184. What are the three major things that need to be met in the world, and how
would you suggest going about fixing them: Hunger- it's really simple actually, stop making prices so Goddamn outragous to where people that are in our OWN fucking country can't even eat, same with gas prices you mother fuckers. Gawd, you idiots should be shot for the shit you're pulling. Moving on..two other ones..hmm..this is harder than I thought it would be. How about..uhm, abortion, for one..if your Goddamn stupid ass didn't wear a condom or make your partner wear a condom because you were too afraid to tell him to, THAT'S YOUR OWN FUCKING FAULT, NOT THE FETUS THAT'S GROWING INSIDE YOU. STUPID LITTLE WHORES. Keep your fucking legs closed if you don't want to reproduce. Every cock-sucking little bitch out there who has had an abortion should be punched in the fucking face for their stupidity. Now..if you were raped, that's different, you wouldn't be a little whore, but you'd still be ignorant for having an abortion, because they are people in this world who are desperately trying to have a child to LOVE, and some of you little cum buckets are out their throwing your babies in a fucking dumpster. OH, I'd beat the hell out someone if I knew they did that. *Growls* There was one more thing that I was going to rant and rave about, but I'm too tired and frustrated to go on.

185. Did you enjoy this survey at all: It was very long.
186. Are you glad its over: Yes.
187. What time is it: 1:05.
Current Mood: amusedamused

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June 6th, 2004

11:20 am - *Stabs someone*
Ash..lol..I'm hurt you if that's all you have to bitch about. How about the person you love calling you a "self-centered little bitch who cares about herself more than anybody else" YEAAAAAAAHHH. Fun stuff. *Flips him off* Mmhmm, so that's what I went through last night. I've been spending time with my family that came up from Pine Bluff, they are leaving today though. ;[ My mom and I rode with my aunt Sandi to Wal-Mart to get hamburger meat and stuff, okay..my aunt is about 5'8", really skinny, like 104? she drives a Cadillac, and she listens to rap, so here we are..3 white girls..2 being old, and a little baby..(Andrew) in the Wal-Mart parking lot bumping G-Unit, 'cause she's like in love with 50 Cent. Anyways, the longer I sit here the more I'm getting mad at someone. So..I'm going to go clean or something, 'cause that's what I do when I get mad. =) -MaL. <3
Current Mood: angryangry
Current Music: 112, Dance with me.

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June 3rd, 2004

03:21 pm
WEEEEEEE! Fun stuff Ash! =oP Sounds more like something off of Jerry Springer. :oD Mm..I just had a frozen mocha thing, now I'm going to be up all night like a fucking crackhead. lol 'Cause I never drink this much caffeine. *Be's all hyper* So, tomorrrow my aunt Sandi, my uncle Dirty Steve, and my little cousin Chris..well..I say little 'cause he's 2 years younger than me..but he's not little at all, he's like 6'5" and he's 17. =o/ Anyways, they are coming up here from Pine Bluff, my cousin just moved back to AR from FL, 'cause his real mom started doing drugs again, so his dad made him move back. =o) I'm so excited, I haven't seen him in like 4 years.=/
I just got back from the bank, and right now there are 3 people outside mowing my front yard. lol 2 with push-mowers, and one on a riding mowing. ;oD YAY! I don't have to clean my house anymore!! I'm getting a maid woman that comes twice a week to clean my house! *Happy* No more doing laundry for me! hehe. =oD Anyways, I'm gonna go outside and play with Lucky for a bit. -Mally. <3
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: "Take me out" By Franz Ferdinand

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June 2nd, 2004

05:47 pm - Extremely tired..
We finally got all of our shit moved to the new house, it took almost a week or so for them to come out here and hook my freakin' cable up. Fuckin' lazy ass idiots.. so the Cox guy comes out here today, he hooks my cable modem up and he's like "now..you can't get on AOL with the cable modem, it needs a dial up service, so you'll have to get a phone line.." while I'm just sitting there looking at him like he's a complete moron, so being confused about the whole situation, I get on AIM and ask Mike how to get on AOL with the cable modem 'cause I knew you could. I was pissed off after that guy left because he didn't know how to hook the shit up. GRR. Anyways..here..I'll show you the conversation I'm having right now with some fuckhead. =) It's kind of amusing actually. Heh. :D

Hot fireman 43 [5:43 PM]: hey how r u
Xox MaLBaBy xoX [5:43 PM]: I'm fine, you?
Hot fireman 43 [5:44 PM]: im fine thanks
Hot fireman 43 [5:44 PM]: damn ur hot
Xox MaLBaBy xoX [5:45 PM]: Thanks.
Hot fireman 43 [5:45 PM]: wish i was up on the hill lol
Xox MaLBaBy xoX [5:45 PM]: Up on the hill?
Hot fireman 43 [5:46 PM]: in fay
Xox MaLBaBy xoX [5:46 PM]: Ooh. lol
Hot fireman 43 [5:46 PM]: lol wheres ur man tonite
Xox MaLBaBy xoX [5:46 PM]: He is at work.
Hot fireman 43 [5:47 PM]: damn went and left his hot sexy women all alone
Xox MaLBaBy xoX [5:47 PM]: lol well he kinda HAS to do that since he pays all of our bills. :)
Hot fireman 43 [5:48 PM]: lol
Hot fireman 43 [5:49 PM]: can i cum visit while he works lol
Xox MaLBaBy xoX [5:49 PM]: Negative.. lol
Xox MaLBaBy xoX [5:49 PM]: =)
Hot fireman 43 [5:50 PM]: lol really im really well hung lmao
Hot fireman 43 [5:51 PM]: r u here
Xox MaLBaBy xoX [5:51 PM]: lol
Hot fireman 43 [5:52 PM]: u like big play toys lol
Xox MaLBaBy xoX [5:52 PM]: I don't need dick, sorry. I have someone who pleases me very well. lol so I really don't need to get it from someone offline. :D
Hot fireman 43 [5:52 PM]: r u shaved
Xox MaLBaBy xoX [5:53 PM]: Does it matter?
Hot fireman 43 [5:54 PM]: im shaved
Xox MaLBaBy xoX [5:54 PM]: Cool.
Hot fireman 43 [5:54 PM]: u like shaved men
Xox MaLBaBy xoX [5:55 PM]: Why does any of this matter to you?
Hot fireman 43 [5:55 PM]: just wondering
Xox MaLBaBy xoX [5:56 PM]: Okay, well I have to go, bye. =)

Okay, yeah, I'm gonna get off of here 'cause I'm getting really irritated with someone. :]
Current Mood: crappycrappy

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May 27th, 2004

01:14 am
Wooo hoo, today is my 19th birthday! I'm so old, huh Mal? Hehehe. =) Now..I expect to get a present from every single person I know..if I don't get one from you, I'm going to hunt you down, tie you up in my car and make you go buy me something. :oP Jk, anyways, yeah, I'll be packing and moving stuff all day today, what a way to spend a birthday. =o/ Oh well. I'm almost done moving, I have to be out of this house by tomorrow 'cause I'm having my electricity turned off at this house and transferred to the other house. =) So tomorrow night(the 27th) will be our first night in the new house. :D Heh, I <3 Mal, she just sent me a really cute instant greeting for my b-day. Okay, anyways, before I get impatient and pissed off at someone..*looks at IM* "be back in 15 mins"...and it's been WAY longer than that. See, I told you guys I was impatient. :oD I'm going to kill my dog for barking at a frog. -MaL*
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: None..just Lucky barking her ass off at a fucking frog. GRR.

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May 25th, 2004

06:24 pm
FINALLY..I'm moving! I started packing shit up today and moving it to the other house. I'm so tired, I haven't worked this hard in such a long time. lol 'Cause I'm a lazy ass. :D This shit sucks. Oh well, I <3 my new house!
Katie got to see it today. =) Hm, anyways. I have to get up offa here and bring shit from up stairs down here so it will be easier for me later. =) -MaL*
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: Michelle Branch -Here with me. =)

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